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115-117 W Main


1895      FOUNDING OF, history of, family owned

It was back on Nov. 23, 1895, a Saturday, that the first edition of the newspaper came off the presses and was distributed to this growing community.


The paper was started by John W. Cruger and E. J. Schoolcraft.  There were a few ownership changes over those many years, but in 1919 John Clifford purchased controlling interest in the paper and continued in that position until Christmas Day in 1922 when he was killed in a car-train accident in the city.  From that point until 1932 J. P. Holland, who was serving as editor, took over the publisher’s duties.  In 1932 John D. Clifford took over as editor and publisher of the paper.  John’s son Jim came on the scene in 1964 and Jim’s son, Kevin, joined the paper in 1992.  Today Jim is editor and publisher and Kevin is associate publisher and general manager.  The paper has been in the Clifford family for all but the first 24 years of its existence.



01 26       FIRST EDITION of Watertown Daily Times

The Watertown Daily Times, a new aspirant for newspaper honors and patronage in our midst, was issued for the first time Saturday afternoon.  It is a six-column folio, two pages Chicago "patent."  Typographically it is clean.  The publishers are J. W. Cruger, manager, and E. J. Schoolcraft, editor, both formerly of Durand, III.  J. P. Holland, a good news gatherer, is local reporter and solicitor.  The Republican extends its compliments and best wishes to the enterprise.   WR



WAR BULLETINS, Spanish-American War, Daily Times

     Corner Main and First, 101 E Main




     Eugene Killian, E. J. Schoolcraft, J. W. Cruger.

Cross Reference:  Chapter on Spanish-American War  


06 01       Last Wednesday evening burglars effected an entrance to the residence of J.P. Holland, editor of The Daily Times, on Church Street, but aside from devouring all the good things of the editor's larder, did not molest anything and secured no booty for their trouble.  The same night thieves ransacked the dwelling of Jacob Reinhart in the same neighborhood and stole a small sum of money contained in a purse that was lying on a table.   WR


11 16       We were quite surprised to read the subjoined item, headed "Vote It All," in Thursday's Daily Times.  The Times pretends to stand for independence in exercising the elective franchise and strongly advocates the "split" ballot.  Therefore, we fail to comprehend why it should allow itself to go on record otherwise in the following comment:


"It is pleasing in these days of political degeneracy to find such an exhibition of political loyalty as was shown last Tuesday by Herman G. Grube, Democratic candidate for member of assembly.  One of his workers was soliciting a vote from one of the opposite party for Mr. Grube, and the latter overhearing it said: 'No, if you can't vote the whole democratic ticket, don't vote for me.  I am for the whole ticket and want to win or meet defeat with the rest.'  Very few candidates for office nowadays conduct a campaign upon so high a plane"   WR


11 30       As a special Thanksgiving attraction, and at the same time in commemoration of the third anniversary, The Daily Times issued an illuminated number last Wednesday which was very creditable to the publishers. The front piece was a colored work typical of the national holiday season, and the addition contained extra advertising that well paid for the enterprise. The Times deserves whatever success it can achieve.    WR


12 21       A twelve-page Christmas number, including a handsome illuminated cover, was issued by the Daily Times last Saturday.  The Times people are certainly spreading themselves on special editions and from all appearances are profiting by them.    WR


1900      FIVE YEARS OLD

11 30       The Daily Times was five years old last week and its continued to prosperity is assured.  It's fully deserves the success it has received, and The Gazette extends its best wishes for its future.   WG


1901      ENTERED ITS 7th YEAR

11 29       On Saturday last The Daily Times entered on its 7th year and has every promise of a bright future.  It presents a happy appearance — is well edited and brim full of news.  The Gazette wishes it continued success.   WG


1906      LOCATED IN BASEMENT of new Masonic Temple

The Masonic Temple has been completed at a cost of $40,000.  The first floor is leased to business firms and for post office purposes and the office of The Watertown Daily Times is in the basement. 



07 17       Daily Leader Suspends Publication

The Watertown Daily Leader, established two years ago last April, suspended publication last Friday.  Subscriptions taken over by the Times.   WG

11 06       Industrial number issued by Daily Times showing up the business, educational and natural resources of Watertown.   WG



02 26       Editor Holland left for Hot Springs, baths for rheumatism   WG



05 06       Editor Holland candidate for renomination for county treasurer   WG

08 26       First wireless message ever received by a daily newspaper in Watertown   WG

09 02       Holland for County Treasurer

Watertown candidate on the democratic ticket asks for a renomination.

James P. Holland, editor of the Watertown Daily Times and county treasurer of Jefferson County, is a candidate for renomination at the primary election.  He has been a life-long democrat and a worker in the ranks of the party for many years and this is the first time he has ever aspired to a public office.  He believes, and with justice too, that the county treasurer should be given a second term the same as the other candidates on the democratic ticket in Jefferson County.  If fidelity to party principle and hard work in the ranks for many years counts for aught he should be given a hearty endorsement at the polls on primary election day.


A man who aspires to a county position under the present law governing the elections is put to a great deal of expense and it is but fair that he be accorded a second term in consequence.   WG



01 26       A Good Newspaper Creed

The Louisville Courier Journal gives this as a good newspaper creed, and looking back over the track we have traveled for 29 years, remarks the Henderson (N. C.) Gold Leaf in a recent issue, we believe it may be truthfully said that this paper in a humble way has followed out the creed that Colonel Watterson has laid down as a good one to adopt.  But of this our readers are to be the judges.  Here it is:


To print nothing of a man which we would not say to his face; to print nothing of a man in malice; to look well and think twice before consigning a suspect to the ruin of printers’ ink; to respect the old and defend the weak; and lastly, at work and at play, day time and night, to be good to the girls and square with the boys, for hath it not been written ''Of such is the kingdom of heaven."   WG


12 02       Daily Times 15 Years Old

On Wednesday last week the Daily Times was 15 years old, entering on its 16th year on that day.  In the evening it celebrated the event by inviting all the editors and printers of the city to a smoker and luncheon at Carl Otto’s dining room in Madison Street.  The Times is one of the best daily papers in the interior of the state, and were our people to give it and the weekly papers the patronage they should receive in a city of this size, better papers would be the result.  There is room in Watertown for a good daily paper and an enterprise of this kind deserves liberal encouragement.  Newspapers in every community are always its very best assets and the Times very justly claims Watertown’s liberal consideration.  [Watertown Gazette]



05 09       Editor Daily Times Might Take Own Advice Before "Rushing Into Print"

Editor Gazette:—The Daily Times of Saturday evening calls an unsigned article in The Gazette against members of the police force "cowardly," that it “cast odium upon the whole department."  If this is so, then how much more cowardly was that unsigned article in favor of a mashing ordinance, which appeared in a recent issue of The Times, in which special mention was made of High School students.  Did not that throw odium upon the entire school?  According to The Times own reasoning then, that was an insult to the entire student body, and not only that, but to every parent who has a child in High School.  If any complaints are to be made against High School students, why don't they take it to the school board?  That body is a regularly-constituted one, and complaints should be made to it.  All its members are respectable men, and it has always contained men of good reputation.  The Times says "Of late it seems to be the fad to discredit everybody connected with the conduct of city affairs, and the police of course come in for their share."  On the contrary, it seems to be the fad for some of those connected with the city administration to insult everyone with any claim to respectability, and the police can expect nothing else than to be discredited if they follow the lead of some of their superiors.  – A Minor.   WG  



03 05       Daily Times doubled its size; to an eight-page paper

- During the time that Emil Doerr was with the paper it occupied various locations.  It was first located where the Mullen Dairy is now operated.  From there the paper moved to the basement quarters in the Masonic Temple, located there up to 1916 temple fire. 

- Ad, 1915, printers, publishers, 2-6 E Main, Masonic Temple Bldg


04 09       Treatment for rheumatism; J. P. Holland, editor   WG


07 08       THE PRINTERS’ PICNIC / U. V. Kaub, Daily Times reporter

The union printers of Watertown and editors held a picnic last Sunday afternoon at the home of the Sauerkraut Club in the town of Pipersville.  The boys had a splendid time, notwithstanding the day was a very chilly one for July.  It was a poor day for fishing, the only fish caught were a few carp in the early part of the day.  Zeno Bruegger, the heavy weight of the bunch, did some fantastic tango dancing when Gene Killian struck up one of his famous tenor tango tunes.  Zeno said he thought all the Tom the town of Ixonia broke loose and no one could blame him for tangoing.


Gene remarked that Zeno’s early education in vocal music was sadly neglected and he did not know how to appreciate good singing.  There were others, however, who agreed with Zeno – U. V. Kaub, The Daily Times reporter, when the first strains of Gene’s tenor music reached his ears, made a bee-line for Watertown, accompanied by John Staffeil – a worthy guest present, as far as the town of Ixonia line[?] – for fear he might drop dead in his neighborhood and Kaub’s relatives might then sue the town for tolerating such a heart-breaking commotion within its confines.


J. P. Holland was chief on the occasion and Master Doubleday, Gene Killian’s pupil in tenor singing, dispensed the soda water and buttermilk.  Otto Mueller was the most successful fisherman on the occasion and he tried to convince E. D. Stack that he ought to pay him $1.50 for his catch . . .  WG



03 03       Times to have New Building

Real estate at 115 W. Main purchased by Times Publishing; plans for new printing plant (following Masonic Temple fire)   WG



John Clifford purchased controlling interest in the paper and continued in that position until Christmas Day in 1922 when he was killed in a car-train accident in the city. 


1922      Christmas Day

John Clifford killed in a car-train accident in the city.  From that point until 1932 J. P. Holland, who was serving as editor, took over the publisher’s duties. 



John D. Clifford became editor and publisher of the Watertown Daily Times in May of 1932, following the death of J. P. (Bob) Holland, and continued in that capacity until his death.  Died in 1987.


1936      Delivery Boys


1937-38 Delivery Boys


1938      Delivery Boys


1940      Delivery Boys



Emil Doerr (1879–1956) profile, printer associated with Times Publishing and WD Times




Edward Kroening, a Daily Times’ composing room employee for nearly 36 years, who retired at the end of last week, last night was the guest of honor at a dinner at Otto’s Inn.  Others at the dinner were members of the composing room and John D. Clifford, Times’ publisher and editor.  Mr. Kroening entered the employ of the Times in October of 1921 and worked for the Times continuously until now, with the exception of nine months in 1946 when he left the Times to work for his brother, Earl, in a commercial shop at Hartford.  Composing room members at the dinner included Clarence Schroeder (foreman), Richard Baer, Bernard Armstrong, John Owen, Hams Wagner, Alvin Guetzlaff, Ray Norton, William Connor, David Weise and Dean Strege.



02 20       Senator Hubert Humphrey followers visit, newspapermen, columnists, others   WDT



07 27       Carl A. Hobus, who for many years owned and operated the Vogue Cleaners from which he retired when he sold the business last year joined the Container Development Corp.  Mr. Hobus began his career in Watertown as a linotype operator in the Daily Times plant before going into business for himself.     WDT



11 02       F.M. (Casey) Eulberg of Portage joins the Daily Times’ advertising staff on Monday.  He will assist Gary W. Ponath in the retail department of the Times.  Ponath, who has been a member of the Times’ staff for a good many years, has succeeded the late S. J. Friedman as advertising manager.  Eulberg, a native of Portage, was employed as a member of the advertising staff of the Portage Register-Democrat.  He also has had retail store experience.  He is a graduate of the School of Journalism of the University of Wisconsin.   WDT




John Clifford’s son Jim joined the paper in 1964 and Jim’s son, Kevin, in 1992.  Jim became editor and publisher and Kevin associate publisher and general manager.


11 13       The Daily Times today is launching an expansion program which will include added floor space, and a much larger and faster press.  A one story addition is being added to the rear of the property which the Times owns at 117 West Main Street, immediately to the west of the Times’ plant.  A 24 page Duple tubular press has been acquired.  It will be installed in the one story addition.  The tubular press will operate at least four times as fast as the present press, and it will have a capacity three times as great as the eight page capacity press on which the Times now prints its paper.   WDT




Now that more favorable construction weather prevails, work on the addition to the plant of the Daily Times is moving forward again.  The addition will house a 24 page Duplex printing press with an adjacent area to be extended to two stories.  The 24 page press will be moved in through a large opening in the wall and after the press is moved in the opening will be closed.  The addition housing the press will be one story, and the other portion will be two stories.  The stereotype room will be located on the first floor extension, and the extension on the second floor will be used to provide additional composing room space.  The 24 page tubular press will replace the present eight page flat bed press.  Printing will be increased by four times, and press capacity will be increased three times.    WDT


07 16       Today’s issue of the Daily Times is printed on a 24 page Duplex tubular press.  The installation recently was completed, and for the past few days various adjustments were made during trial “runs.”  More adjustments will be made in the early stages of the new operation to bring quality up to a high level.  The press replaces an eight page Duplex flatbed press which has been in operation in the Times plant for many years.  With the 24 page press, 24 pages can be printed at one time, compared to eight pages at one time with the flatbed press.  Where more than two hours have been required to print the paper, the task now will be performed in about 30 minutes.  The press is housed in a one story addition which was added to the building in the west of the building which the Times occupies at 113-115 West Main Street.  Also, the first and second stories of the Times plant were extended 20 feet to the alley to allow for a sterotype room on the first floor and to provide badly needed additional composing room space on the second floor.  Work on the building’s extensions is expected to be completed shortly.  The increased press capacity and added space are needed to keep up with the continuing growth of the newspaper.  An addition was added to the Times plant in 1952 and 1953 which doubles floor space.   WDT




Clarence H. Wetter, city editor of the Watertown Daily Times, is confined to Watertown Memorial Hospital following a heart attack.  His condition is reported as good.  WDT




The dedication on Sunday followed through, by a little over a year, comments made by John Clifford, editor and publisher of the Watertown Daily Times, in an editorial of tribute to Gladys Mollart in July, 1969, when he wrote “her interest in the Octagon House continues with even accelerated enthusiasm.  Now she and other members of the Watertown Historical Society have in mind an administration building on the grounds. . . the support this endeavor is receiving also is heartwarming to Miss Mollart.  Rest assured, there will be an administration building.  She’ll see to that.”



05 13          LOUIS A. KOHLS (1916-1975)

Funeral services for Louis A. Kohls, 59, 821 Richards Avenue, lieutenant of the Watertown Police force.  Lt. Kohls was involved in photography for the police department and also for the Watertown Daily Times.  Photography was his hobby and he enjoyed doing free lance work.




The Watertown Daily Times today begins daily delivery for residents in and around the city of Juneau.  The new circulation area was started after a one month sampling of all residents, and the response to the Daily Times program has been excellent, according to James Clifford, associate publisher and general manager.  Carriers who will be delivering the paper, beginning today, are Ken Fennewald Jr., 14, and his 12-year-old brother, Ted.  They are the sons of Mr. and Mrs. Ken F. Fennewald Sr., 512 East Oak Street, and are students at Dodgeland Junior High School in Juneau.


10 09          EXPANSION to utilize vacant building

In order to provide badly needed additional space, the Daily Times will utilize the vacant building it owns immediately to the west.  The business office will be expanded by taking over the first floor, and larger quarters for the news room will be made possible by occupying the second floor of the adjacent building.  The news department is now located on the front portion of the second floor of the existing building.  The project will include some remodeling work in the building the Times now occupies.  A new front, to match the front of the existing building, is included in the project.



01 22          BUSINESS MANAGER Position Created

Ralph Krueger, a member of the advertising staff of the Watertown Daily Times for the past five years, has been named business manager for the newspaper, a newly created position.  John D. Clifford, editor and publisher, said in recent years Krueger has assumed a number of responsibilities in the paper in addition to his advertising sales work.  In his new position Krueger will continue with these duties and will also be in direct charge of the newspaper’s accounting department.  Other responsibilities will be added in the future, Clifford added.  Miss Ruth Uttech, who has been bookkeeper at the Daily Times for the past 51 years, is planning to relinquish her full-time duties later in the year, but will continue on a part-time basis.

05 13       Miss Ruth Uttech retirement, bookkeeper for Daily Times for 52 years    WDT

12 15       New layout/design of the Watertown Daily Times    WDT



07 20       Judy Christian named advertising manager; succeeds Phil Strunz.   WDT


11 10       John D. Clifford, editor and publisher of the Watertown Daily Times, was the recipient of Bethesda’s Community Service Award during a dinner Saturday evening at the local facility.  The surprise presentation was in recognition of Clifford’s “continued and exemplary coverage of the concerns and activities of retarded citizens and the facilities which serve them.”  Bethesda Executive Director Alexander Napolitano praised Clifford and the Times for its true sense of concern and support of handicapped people.  This included not only Bethesda, but also coverage of activities for the Association for Retarded Citizens and St. Coletta’s, he said.   WDT



05 05       OSHKOSH - Thomas Schultz, managing editor of the Watertown Daily Times, was elected president of the Wisconsin Associated Press at the group's annual spring meeting at the Radisson Hotel this morning.  Schultz succeeds Mary Martin, executive editor of the Oshkosh Northwestern.  The term of office is for one year.  Other officers of the association elected this morning were David Zweifel, editor of the Capital Times in Madison, vice president; and William Berry, managing editor of the Stevens Point Journal, resolutions committee chairman.    WDT


09 16       The advertising staff of the Watertown Daily Times received several top awards at the 45th annual conference of the Wisconsin Newspaper Advertising Executives Association at Eau Claire this past weekend.  In addition, Judy Christian, display advertising manager, and a seven year veteran of the Daily Times advertising staff, has been named to the association’s board of directors.  Christian and Dick Barrett, advertising director of the Wausau Daily Herald, were elected to the board of directors at the meeting.   WDT




John D. Clifford, 200 North Church Street, Watertown, editor and publisher of the Watertown Daily Times for the past 55 years and a community leader throughout most of his business life, died early this morning at Watertown Memorial Hospital.  Death was due to heart failure.  He became editor and publisher of the Watertown Daily Times in May of 1932, following the death of J.P. (Bob) Holland, and continued in that capacity until his death.  His father, a former Dodge County Clerk of Courts and a founder of the Juneau Independent, became a stockholder in the Daily Times and editor and co-publisher of the newspaper on Jan. 1, 1919.  He had brought about the merger of the Times and the Watertown Leader.  


1988      JOHN D. CLIFFORD Memorial Award

05 25       Tracy Bredow was presented with the first annual John D. Clifford Memorial Award at the awards night program at Watertown Senior High School.  The award, which carries with it a $1,000 scholarship, was presented by James M. Clifford, editor and publisher of the Watertown Daily Times.  The scholarship will be awarded annually to a senior who is planning to attend a four-year college and major in the field of communications.  Financial need and a B grade average are scholarship application requirements.   WDT


1989      JAMES M. CLIFFORD, Wisconsin Newspaper Assn president

06 16       OCONOMOWOC — James M. Clifford, publisher of the Watertown Daily Times, was elected president of the Wisconsin Newspaper Association at the organization’s annual meeting which is being held this week at Olympia Resort and Convention Center.  Clifford is the 95th president of the group, the nation’s oldest press association.  He succeeds Jerry Sondreal, editor of the Amery Free Press, as head of the statewide organization.  The new president is the third generation of the Clifford family to head the Daily Times.  He joined the newspaper’s staff in 1964 upon graduating from Marquette University’s college of journalism.   WDT


09 23       Judy Christian, Daily Times display advertising manager, has been named president of the Wisconsin Newspaper Advertising Executives Association.  Christian was named president at the organization’s 48th annual conference held in Kenosha this past weekend.  Christian was first elected to the board of directors in 1986. By serving on the board of directors, she was placed on the ladder of succession to president of the association.  She has been associated with the display advertising department at the newspaper for the past 10 years and has been manager of the department since 1984.   WDT




The Watertown Daily Times will introduce a new Saturday morning delivery schedule, effective with the publication tomorrow.  This new production schedule will mean the Daily Times will be delivered to your door early Saturday morning, just in time to be enjoyed with breakfast and a cup of coffee.  We decided on this exciting change to better serve our over 30,000 readers.  Today society is more mobile and more active than it was in the past.  As a result, many people find Saturday is a day for a wide variety of activities.  WDT



James M. Clifford, publisher of the Watertown Daily Times, will receive a Madison Area Technical College Distinguished Service citation at a graduation ceremony Saturday, May 19, at 10 a.m. at the Dane County Coliseum.  The Distinguished Service citation is awarded to individuals and organizations who have contributed unusual or meritorious service to MATC.  Clifford was nominated for the award by teachers at Madison Area Technical College-Watertown for his support and contributions to the local campus.  Those who nominated Clifford said he and the Daily Times worked hard to continue the nursing program in Watertown when it was in jeopardy of being moved to Madison.   WDT




Jim Clifford’s son, Kevin, joined the paper in 1992.  Jim became editor and publisher and Kevin associate publisher and general manager.


1997      WEPCO

Acquisition of Wepco (former Weltbuerger)



09 09       Ray Graglia, classified advertising manager, retired; succeeded by Mark Shingler    WDT



11 11       James M. Clifford elected president-elect, Inland Press Assn    WDT



05 21       CHERYL GARD, carrier for over 20 years 

LAKE MILLS - Very few events have ever kept news carrier Cheryl Gard of Lake Mills off the job for long - not even a broken bone or the birth of her children.  When she says she will deliver, she does.  But the longtime carrier has now decided to stop delivering, and she will distribute her last Watertown Daily Times Saturday, May 27 after carrying four routes for many years.  She has been a Daily Times carrier for over 20 years, with no vacations and no excuses.  She has delivered newspapers with a broken hand after falling down on a route, refusing to seek treatment until she was finished.  After the births of her two youngest children, she was back on the job two days later.  Even when she has been very ill, she has sat in the back seat of her car and directed a driver to subscribers.



03 29       The Watertown Daily Times has received a Vendor Excellence award from Kohl’s department stores for 100 percent accuracy in preprint distribution in 2001. In the fourth quarter of last year, Kohl’s announced the Vendor Excellence award program to recognize newspapers that achieve 100 percent accuracy in preprint distribution. An award certificate was presented to the Daily Times by Matt Gunderson and Lisa Haynes, regional media managers.   WDT


10 19       James M. Clifford, publisher of the Watertown Daily Times, this week was elected chairman of the board of directors of the Inland Press Association at its annual meeting in Chicago.  Clifford’s election came at the close of his term as president of the national organization which now has memberships from over 800 newspapers.  As chairman of the board, Clifford will continue to be active in leadership of the organization and will also head the nominating committee for the next year.   WDT



02 07       The news staff of the Watertown Daily Times won nine awards, including four first place honors in the annual Better Newspaper Contest which is sponsored by the Wisconsin Newspaper Association.  The Times took second place in general excellence for daily newspapers with under 10,000 circulation.  The judges said the Daily Times is “a colorful, clean and well-edited publication, with fine local news coverage.”  One judge said, “I was especially taken by the Sept. 12 edition cover, perhaps the best use of an AP photo that I have seen.”  The judges also said photography throughout the paper was strong and is often bolstered by solid reporting.  The judges said the paper is “a clean and meaningful newspaper.”  WDT


03 06       The Watertown Daily Times’ new four color, four page press unit was used for the first time this morning, after several weeks of installation procedures.  Manufactured by Web Press Corporation of Kent, Wash., the unit vastly increases the color capacity of the press. T he first section to use the new printing capacity was today’s classified advertising section where color capacity had been strained to the limits in the past.  The new press unit will allow the printing of four pages of the Daily Times in full color at one time.  With the new press configuration, two other pages can be printed in full color as well, bringing a single press run capacity to 16 pages, of which six can be in full color.   WDT


04 04       JOHN D. CLIFFORD

Elected Charter Member of Wisconsin Newspaper Association Hall of Fame


The late John D. Clifford, editor and publisher of the Watertown Daily Times for over half a century, is one of three people who have been elected charter members of the Wisconsin Newspaper Association Hall of Fame.


Clifford will share that honor with Marshall W. Johnston of Janesville and Warren Leary Jr. of Rice Lake at the induction ceremonies at the annual meeting of the state organization June 5 in Fort Atkinson.


The state newspaper group is recognizing Clifford for his commitment to journalism in Watertown for those many years as well as his active role in helping to lead the community in many different ways.


Clifford's hall of fame credentials traced his history in the profession.  He graduated from Watertown High School in 1927 and four years later received his bachelor's degree in journalism from Marquette University.


After working a year with the Shorewood and Whitefish Bay weekly newspapers, in 1932 Clifford returned to Watertown as editor and publisher of the Daily Times, the newspaper in which his family had been stockholders since 1919.  He succeeded J. P. Holland, who had been editor and publisher for the Clifford family but had died that spring.


Clifford had already been on the job nearly 40 years when the offset printing revolution swept through the newspaper industry.  He quickly adopted the new printing technology, with the first cold type edition published on Monday, Oct. 18, 1971. Since that time change was a way of life, but Clifford led the company to excellence through technological innovations.


The sketch on Clifford's commitment to journalism and his community, to be presented at the annual meeting, said:  "Clifford also remained mindful of the health of the community, an attitude reflected by his decision against moving the business out of downtown Watertown when expanding the business office and news department.


"Instead, in 1984, a large addition to the physical plant was completed and today the paper continues to serve as an anchor to the downtown retail center.


"Clifford worked as editor and publisher of the Times until his death in 1987. During that tenure, he also was devoted to and active in the newspaper industry as a whole, serving as secretary of the board and a director of the Inland Daily Press Association (now Inland Press Association) as well as president of the Wisconsin Daily Newspaper League (now the Wisconsin Newspaper Association).  He was also the first recipient of Marquette University's Byline Award, given annually to a graduate of the school's College of Journalism for career achievement. It was presented to him back in 1946."


But more than all of this, his induction nomination cited his involvement in civic affairs.  One of the founders of the then Watertown Association of Commerce Promotive Corp., Clifford served as the group's president for seven years.  He led a community group which saved the old Crosby Square Shoe Company, then one of the city's largest employers, from closing. He served as a member of the board of directors of the Potawatomi Area Council, Boy Scouts of America, Watertown Memorial Hospital Association, National March of Dimes Association and was one of the original organizers of the post prom parties that continue to this day.


He served the Elks Lodge in various leadership positions, was a past president of the Watertown Rotary Club and the Watertown Area Chamber of Commerce, and had been an active member of the Watertown Country Club.


He was also an original member of the board of directors, stockholders and for many years agent for the Joseph E. Davies Scholarship Foundation. That foundation had been established by Clifford's friend, Watertown native and former ambassador to Russia, Joe Davies.


Thomas L. Schultz, managing editor of the Times, submitted the nomination to the state organization. In the nomination, he said: "John was deeply involved in the newspaper business, championing the rights of the 'little guy' and often calling officials to task for overlooking the comments of the small person or for wanting to hold government's business in private. In addition, he was a compassionate believer in Watertown. Through his commitment and leadership at the newspaper, he was a major influence in Watertown's progress."   WDT



06 07       CHANGE FROM 13 1/4 INCHES WIDE FORMAT to a page width of 12 1/2 inches.




James M. Clifford, editor and publisher of the Watertown Daily Times, is one of nine people who will be inducted into the Milwaukee Media Hall of Fame on Friday, Oct. 20.  Clifford and five others were nominated by the Milwaukee Press Club’s Past Presidents Council and have been approved by the board of governors for induction.  “These bright people helped capture and chronicle the words, the pictures, the sounds and the spirit of the human condition in the 20th century in Wisconsin and beyond, and we’re thrilled to honor them for their contributions to the profession of journalism by inducting them into the Milwaukee Media Hall of Fame,” said Steve Jagler, executive editor of Small Business Times and president of the Milwaukee Press Club.  Jagler, who personally nominated Clifford for the honor, said, “The Watertown Daily Times has been owned and operated by the Clifford family since 1919.  With each passing year, that becomes an increasingly amazing accomplishment.  I know firsthand the positive impact the Clifford family has on the Watertown community,” Jagler said.



01 06       Online edition offered by Watertown Daily Times    WDT



08 20       Printing of Daily Times to be moved   

The final edition of the Daily Times on the newspaper’s press will be the Sept. 24 Saturday morning edition. The following Monday the paper will be produced at the state-of-the-art printing facility of the Janesville Gazette and then trucked to Watertown for distribution.  All other departments of the paper will continue unaffected at the Daily Times offices at 113-115 W. Main St. They include news, advertising, circulation, pre-press operations, business office, billing and others.


The current offset printing press is just a couple weeks short of 40 years old and it’s showing its age. 


In its 116-year history, the Daily Times has been published by only four printing presses.  In the early years, dating back to the first edition in November of 1895, the paper was published on a flatbed, sheet-fed press.  That press was replaced in 1921 with a Goss Duplex press that was revolutionary at the time.  It could print up to eight pages in black and white at a speed of about 5,000 per hour.  A typical press run would take nearly two hours and two sections were normally needed.


That workhorse press continued to grind out the Daily Times until 1964 when a major expansion of the company’s physical facilities was undertaken.  The production and printing departments were vastly expanded and the Times purchased a used Goss Tubular Press from the Eau Claire Leader Telegram.  That press was capable of printing 24 pages in a single section, or 20 pages with two of them having a single color for advertising.  The press could print about 17,000 copies per hour when operating at full speed.


That press was a tremendous improvement but the advent of offset printing took the American newspaper printing scene by storm and by 1970 the old letterpress operations were converting to this new technology in droves.


The Daily Times made the strategic decision to purchase a new Goss Community offset press in early 1971 and by Oct. 18 of that year the first edition came off this brand new press. The press, as it is configured today, is capable of printing 16 pages in a single section with full color on six pages.  It prints at a top speed of about 14,000 per hour.  That is in contrast to the new Gazette press which can print 28 or more pages in two sections with full color available on every page, all at the same time, and can do the Daily Times press run in [less] than 15 minutes at top speeds.  WDT


Additional story:  End of an Era Nears


08 22       Kevin Clifford gets associate publisher post

Kevin C. Clifford, general manager of the Watertown Daily Times, has been named to the position of associate publisher of the company.  Kevin Clifford will continue as the company’s general manager, but the added title is a reflection of the added duties he continues to perform for the company.


Kevin Clifford joined the staff of the Watertown Daily Times in September of 1992 after graduating earlier that year with a degree in business from the University of Wisconsin-Stout.  He initially worked in the display advertising and billing departments and then gradually expanded his duties in the advertising, business and circulation departments.  He was named assistant business manager in September of 1995, a position where he worked closely with business manager Ralph Krueger in all financial aspects of the newspaper. In February of 2000, Kevin Clifford was named general manager of the Daily Times. With that position, he became in charge of the overall operation of the newspaper. He continued to work closely with Krueger on all financial aspects of the business and continued to lead the commercial printing projects of the paper.  In addition to his work at the Daily Times, Kevin Clifford serves as general manager of the Dodge County Independent News, a weekly newspaper headquartered in Juneau and which is owned by the Daily Times.   WDT



               Edward S. Kreuziger, 1944-2012.  Rural route supervisor for the Daily Times for 20 years.




The Watertown Daily Times will move into a new era on Feb. 6, when the Friday and Saturday editions of the newspaper will be combined into a single issue to be published on Friday.  The final edition of the Saturday Watertown Daily Times will be published on Jan. 31.  After that point the Saturday edition will be combined with the Friday edition to make a single, larger newspaper named The Weekend Edition and it will be distributed on Friday afternoons as usual. There will be no Saturday edition.





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               A wisely conducted newspaper is like a banquet




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