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07 02       Toussaint & Son Retire From Business.

On Tuesday, the wholesale and retail liquor business of Toussaint & Son closed out and retired from the field of business in Watertown.  This firm started in business here in 1871 in a building on the site of the Masonic building under the firm name of J. J. Toussaint & Co.  In 1882 the firm removed to No. 8 Main Street, and the firm name was changed to Toussaint & Son, and of late years was conducted by W. J. Toussaint.  Joe has no definite plans for the future, but will make this city his home.  The Toussaint liquor store was a landmark in this city for nearly a half century, and for many years the late Jos. Terbrueggen was a member of the firm.  In quitting business it removes from the business interests of Watertown one of its oldest and most reliable business houses.   WG





Toussaint & Sons

1898, 8 E Main, WHS_006 657

Toussaint & Sons

1909c but pre 1935, 8 E Main, wholesale wines and liquors

Toussaint & Sons

1913, 8 E Main, wines & liquors-wholesale

Toussaint Liquor store

1881, Snow storm, 4 E Main, later N Y Mkt, in front of looking east, WHS_005_610

Toussaint, Anna nee Luber (W J)

1881, Wedding

Toussaint, Family history

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Toussaint, Frank

1881, Luber- Toussaint wedding, groomsman

Toussaint, Frank J

1908, Homecoming Celebration

Toussaint, J J

1848c, distiller, Concord Ave saloon

Toussaint, J J

Traveling companion of John Schlueter

Toussaint, J J & Co

1881, Snow storm, Daub's sign but is not Daubs, is 4 E Main, WHS_005_608

Toussaint, Joseph

1887, WHS_006_646

Toussaint, Joseph

1912, Sold home at 308 Cole

Toussaint, Joseph J

1910, St Philip Soc, St Henry's Church

Toussaint, W J

1800s, late, business partner of Joseph Terbrueggen

Toussaint, W J (Anna Luber)

1881, Wedding






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