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Schack Grocery

117-119 N Water


William J. Schack


1909, Bought Becker & Peters business, 117-119 N Water


1909, Liedtke & Schack, Grocers, 117-119 N Water, ad


1910, Liedtke & Schack, Grocers, 117-119 N Water, ad


1913, 117-119 N Water, dry goods



   Schack Grocery Market

Proprietor William Joachim Schack (10/3/1876 - 5/8/1933) and son Raymond William Schack (5/23/1903 - 4/22/1963) on top of truck.



02 01          SELLS DRY GOODS

William J. Schack has disposed of his stock of dry goods to a Philadelphia firm, who will remove them from the city.  Mr. Schack will, however, conduct his extensive grocery business at his old stand on North Water Street and remodel his store and add new fixtures.  He will also add another line of goods to his grocery business.   WG



Watertown Daily Times, 04 09 1917





Complete Line of Meats Will Be Dispensed From Most Modern Equipment


The sanitary meat department of the Schack Cash and Carry grocery will be opened for business Wednesday morning.  The department, as its name implies, will be run in conjunction with the Schack grocery, and the affiliation will include the right of customers to give combined orders.  Thus combined meat and grocery orders, or meat orders only which amount to one dollar or more will receive the benefit of the free delivery by the Schack delivery system, on smaller orders the cash and carry plan will operate exactly as in the grocery.


Brand new equipment that will make possible the effective display of meats without undue exposure to the air has been installed.


A McCray refrigerating show case, in which all fancy cuts, fresh sausage, dressed poultry and other perishable goods will be displayed, is a feature of the new equipment.  There is also a marble topped counter, a show window protected from dust and flies for the display of smoked meats in the summer and all cuts during the winter, and a huge refrigerator, also of McCray make, which are added features.


The refrigerator, while not the largest, is one of the finest in this section of the state.  It is designed to hold from three to four days supply of meat.  Four large doors in the front, with double-plate glass frames give customers and clerks a good view of the interior of the refrigerator.


It is doubtful if there is a city in the state under 25,000 inhabitants that can boast of a meat market with so complete and sanitary equipment.


Roy English of Fort Atkinson has been engaged as manager of the new department, and William Helt of Milwaukee, also an experienced meat cutter and salesman will serve as assistant.


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