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Sanfordís Cooper Shop

O. B. Sanford & Co.



1858, Young Menís Assn officer, OB Sanford



02 03††††††††† O. B. Sanford & Co. wants saw logs at their establishment on the east side of Rock River.They wish to purchase a large number and pay the highest cash price.If we should have a run of sleighing, all who have any of the timber for which they advertise in another column, they cannot do better than bring it along and get their money for it.†† WD


Sanford & Co

New Manufacturing Establishment

03 17††††††††† Ours is not a commercial city and we have no ocean or lake coast to give us the trade of a continent or a world.But we have unsurpassed manufacturing facilities, by the improvement of which our place can become populous, wealthy and prosperous.Looking with peculiar favor upon every effort to build up our home interest, we notice with pleasure the new establishment which Sanford & Co. have just put in operation for the manufacture of lumber and flour barrels.It consists of a mill with circular saws, which cuts all kinds of logs into every variety of building material in the shortest space of time, of a stave saw which makes 3,000 staves a day, a heading machine which turns out, all fitted and ready for use, 1,500 barrel heads a day, of a planer of the stave as it is first roughly shaped, and of a jointing machineóin short every necessity to make a good barrel as it exists in the timber until it comes out ready to be packed with the staff of life, to be used at home or sent a thousand miles off to a distant market.This establishment gives steady employment to some fifteen men and consumes annually large quantities of raw material now standing in our forests.It is well organized and everything about it goes on with the regulation of clock work.All the different pieces of machinery are carried by a water power, which, since the completion of the new dam, is reliable and unfailing.A few more such establishments will do a great deal towards increasing the business of our city, furnishing a permanent home, and bringing among us a large number of industrious and intelligent artisans.The enterprising proprietors have taken the right step to advance their own interests and that of the community where they live.WD


1860††††† Sanford Fire

01 12†††††† Two stave dry houses in the Sixth Ward belonging to Mr. O. B. Sanford, filled with barrel staves, were entirely consumed by fire last evening.There was no insurance on them and their destruction will involve an entire loss of three or four hundred dollars.The fire was accidental and is the more to be regretted as Mr. Sanford was just getting in good working order an establishment for manufacturing a first rate quality of flour barrel staves that promised to be successful and extensive.†† WD


06 07††††††††† To his already extensive arrangements for the manufacturing of staves, Mr. O. B. Sanford is now adding a new Cooper Shop for making flour barrels, the construction of which he commenced last week.The new building will be one story high and 15 feet by 24 in dimensions.This establishment already furnishes regular employment to over fifteen hands and as all its machinery and material are the best that can be procured, the article he furnishes for market is of the first class and finds ready and extensive sale in most of the neighboring towns.Everything necessary to make a strong and safe flour barrel is made by machinery, so that all the cooper has to do is to put it together.Mr. Sanfordís barrels are generally used by our millers, who find them fully equal if not superior to any they can get.Home institutions like this should be encouraged by all who take an interest in the growth of our city.There are a hundred branches of industry that might just as well be carried on here as not, and better too, if there was only someone to give them a start and a willingness on the part of the people to give them the preference over rival articles brought from abroad.†† WD



02 06††††††††† Stave manufacture -- Mr. O. B. Sandford's extensive stave manufactory is now in full operation.He advertisers for a large supply of bolts, saw logs and hickory poles, for which he will pay cash. Every day loads of his staves may be seen passing through our streets to the railroad depot, to be sent abroad. He makes a first rate article, and has the best machinery for doing it.†† WD