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Henry Pritzlaff partnership with Fred Miller





01 29       A 2700-Pound Cooking Range.

Last week the William G. Pritzlaff Co. installed a steel cooking range weighing 2700 pounds in the kitchen of Sacred Heart College.  It is the largest ever seen here and was made especially for Sacred Heart College.  It is made of malleable iron and steel and is lined with fire brick four inches thick, is 100 inches long and 30 inches wide, and has a canopy six feet wide, and is nine feet from the floor to the top of the canopy, which is connected with a separate chimney to carry off the cooking odors.  It contains two fire boxes with water fonts connected with an 80-gallon water tank, and has two mammoth ovens.   WG

10 17            Ad for Round Oak Stoves

      Cross Reference:  Chief Doe-Wah-Jack appeared on most Round Oak Stove Company advertising



Pritzlaff & Co, William G

1910, Metal roof and cornice work, new Lincoln School

Pritzlaff & Miller

Forty-Eighters: Builders of Watertown,  pg 55

Pritzlaff Home

900 Cady, Champion tree, Henry Pritzlaff

Pritzlaff, Agnes

1910, Committee for junior prom

Pritzlaff, Henry

Forty-Eighter, hardware merchant, flour mill, grain and produce dealer.

Pritzlaff, Henry

Forty-Eighters: Builders of Watertown,  pg 55

Pritzlaff, Henry B "Hans"

1917, Watertown High School Senior YrBk portrait

Pritzlaff, Julianna nee Lehmann (William)

Wife of William

Pritzlaff, Ruth

1910, Committee for junior prom

Pritzlaff, W G

1908, Wells Shoe Co, tinner for remodeling project

Pritzlaff, W G

1909, Banquet honoring John Beggs and interurban

Pritzlaff, W G

1920, Chamber of Commerce formed

Pritzlaff, Waldamar "Waldo"

1919, Watertown High School Senior YrBk portrait

Pritzlaff, William (Julianna Lehmann)

Son of Henry

Pritzlaff, William G & Co

1909, William G Pritzlaff & Co, hardware

Pritzlaff, William G & Co

1913, 307 E Main, hardware, stoves & tinware




Forty-Eighters: Builders of Watertown,  pg 55

Forty-Eighter, hardware merchant, flour mill, grain and produce dealer.

1880s, Partnership with Fred Miller

     Pritzlaff, Henry B "Hans", 1917, Watertown High School Senior YrBk portrait



Henry Pritzlaff


Pritzlaff Home

Champion Tree is Dying


    Abstracted from Watertown Daily Times, 11 01 2008


The champion tree is located at 900 East Cady St. which is the current home of John and Chris Katzenberger and the former home of the Ken and Dolly Wetzel.


Both men confirmed the tree is the second oldest Scotch pine tree in Wisconsin and is located in the front yard of the Cady Street property.  The scientific name for the tree is pinus sylvestris.


The tree was last measured in 2000 by Dave Schumann of Watertown who at the time was a technologist, quality-yield development research, division of wood quality, United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Products Laboratory in Madison.


John did some basic checking and using the information he had and with a little estimating, he believes the tree is about 270 years old.


John told us many of the largest trees in the state are located in the southern and southeastern part.  A century or more ago there was a lot of clear cutting in the northern forests and that meant many of the trees growing today are second or third generation trees as compared to some of these down here which were left on residential plots of land.


The downside to this story is John and Ken both confirmed the tree is not in good health.  John said there was very little life left in the tree this fall and he believes the terrible winter of last year and then coupled with the constant rains of this year did some serious damage to it.  When a tree is approaching 300 years old, it's just possible it's dying of old age.


The home at 900 Cady St. is one of Watertown's historical ones and was included in Evelyn Rose's book “Our Heritage of Homes.”


“Henry Pritzlaff was born in Prussia in 1824, came to America in 1856 and in 1864 arrived in Watertown, where he soon engaged in the hardware business.  He built his home shortly after that.  In 1878 Pritzlaff became a dealer in grain and general farm products.


“The Greek Revival style Pritzlaff home is well maintained and most attractive today.  It is of Watertown brick and elongated windows are in evidence in all parts of the home.  Return cornices also show a Greek Revival influence.


“Henry Pritzlaff's son, William, was born in Watertown and took over his father's hardware business in 1967.  William Pritzlaff married Julianna, daughter of Fred Lehmann.  Lehmann, one of Watertown's early contractors is said to have built this home and also to have introduced the use of concrete in Watertown.”


2012      Second largest Scotch pine in state laid to rest

07 17          When the Scotch pine tree on John and Chris Katzenberger’s property at 900 E. Cady St. went down this weekend, more than just the house’s owners were saddened.


Ken Wetzel, the property’s former owner, spent about 30 years looking out the window at the large tree, which is the second largest Scotch pine on record in the state.



The 41-foot-tall tree had been dying since about 2008, according to John Katzenberger.  After considering the tree’s location close to the road, he and his wife decided it was time for the gentle giant to come down.


The tree’s circumference at 4 1/2 feet high was 9 feet, 8 inches, and its total average crown spread or width was 56 feet.


The tree was the second largest Scotch pine on record in the state of Wisconsin.


The Katzenbergers hope to donate a cross-section of the tree to the museum at the Octagon House.