††† ebookHistory of Watertown, Wisconsin


Kehr Bros.

est. 1906


111 S. 5th Street


A century ago, Frank and Emil Kehr opened the door of Kehr Bros., at 111 S. 5th Street in Watertown [currently located at W4631 Hwy 19].They began taking orders for steamfitting, boiler and gas piping projects using a pad of paper and pencil. Customers at that time who had telephones could call in for service by dialing 168.


Following the death of Emil in 1936 his son Donald E. Kehr became a partner with Frank Kehr and they started selling and installing gravity furnaces and oil fired forced air furnaces.


Following the death of Frank Kehr in 1951 his son Robert T. Kehr became a partner with Donald E. Kehr.At that time they began selling and installing refrigerated air conditioners.


Upon Donald E. Kehr's retirement in 1969, Robert T. Kehr then purchased his share of the business.



May††††††††† KEHR BROTHERíS HEATING / 111 South Fifth St


Frank Kehr inside the shop, owned by brothers Frank & Emil Kehr




Kehr Bros awarded the contract for installing a heating system in the building being erected on Second Street by Gustave [Gustav] Neumann.

Domestic engineering and the journal of mechanical contracting, Volume 51, 04 02 1910 issue




On Monday evening the contract for putting in the Kewaunee smokeless heating plant in the new high school building was awarded to Kehr Bros. of this city.


Following were the bids submitted:


Thomas Heating Co., Racine, $9392

H. Kelly & Co., Minneapolis, 9830

Otto Biefeld & Co., Watertown, 9786

Kehr Bros., Watertown, 9265

Gen. Heating & Ventilating Co., Milwaukee, 9560

Ind. Heating & Eng. Co., Milwaukee, 9640

Downey Heating Co., Milwaukee, 9575

Healey Plumbing and Heating Co., St. Paul, 11,670†††††††††††††† WG



A Goodyear tire and service store is to be constructed in Watertown in the near future, according to Harry Wendel of the Goodyear district office in Milwaukee.


The store will be located at the corner of North Fifth and Main streets.The site includes three properties.They are the former Christ United Methodist Church, former Kehr Brothers Heating, and the former Hilary Reichardt home on 109 North Fifth Street.


Construction is to begin soon and be completed within 90 to 120 days after work begins.


The land will include parking for approximately 25 vehicles and will offer a complete mechanical shop including brake work, wheel alignment, tire work, sale of tires and many other areas. Atruck bay and farm tire bay are included in the plan.


An appliance and television store will be included in the business.The facility will employ about six persons




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