ebook  History of Watertown, Wisconsin


Hertel & Hoffman


107 E Main



03 07       BUY B-Z-B BUILDING

Hertel & Hoffman have purchased the building on Main Street occupied by the B-Z-B confectionery store. It is their intention to enlarge their business and occupy the store room in addition to their present quarters as soon as they can obtain possession on or about June 1.


1907, Buster Brown "cooling off" postcard [PC_401]


1909c but pre 1935, 103-105 E Main, men's furnishers


1910, Christmas ad, 107-109 E Main


1913, 107-109 E Main, clothing-retail


1915, 107-109 E Main


1915, Ad, men’s wear, 107-109 E Main




1916, Remodeling sale


1959, Sale of, Bossert's Variety Store



02 21       Andrew Hertel, promotion manager for the Milwaukee Sentinel since 1941, was honored yesterday as Milwaukee’s advertising man of the year when he received the silver medal award presented annually by the Milwaukee Advertising Club for lifetime achievement in industry and contribution to it.  Hertel is a native of Watertown where his father was a clothier for many years, a partner in the firm of Hertel and Hoffmann.  Mr. Hertel is a graduate of St. Henry’s School, Watertown High School and the University of Wisconsin.





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