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Joseph Bursinger

1822 - 1885

Brewery north side of Cady, along Rock River


Ferdinand Bursinger


The History of Jefferson County, Wisconsin, Chicago: Western Historical Company, 1879.

Joseph Bursinger, brewer, was born in Baden, Germany, February 17, 1822, and came to Wisconsin in July, 1853, and located in Milwaukee, where he engaged in brewing beer and cooperage.  From Milwaukee he went to Waukesha Co., and farmed for one year; then he came to Watertown and commenced the brewing of beer, which he has continued up to the present time. 


He married, in November, 1849, Mary Voppiller, of Sigmeringen, Prussia.  He has two children living - Ferdinand and Ellanora. 


Mr. and Mrs. Bursinger are members of St. Henry's Catholic Church.


     Ferdinand Bursinger           Ellanora Bursinger


Joseph and Marie are buried in the St. Henry’s Cemetery 





Had it not been for Bursinger’s pump at time of Pioneer Store fire, the loss of business property and inventory on Main Street would have been much more serious and extensive. 




I am now bottling Watertown Lager Beer and am prepared to furnish it (either Bursinger’s or Fuerman’s) in any quantities to families or saloons.


S. M. Eaton   



01 07       It is always pleasing to be remembered by our friends and to receive tokens of their appreciation for kindness and evidence of esteem and respect.  The above has special reference to Mrs. Emilie Bursinger, the popular landlady of the Bursinger boarding house on North First Street.  Friday evening, the boarders at that excellent home, feeling grateful for the care of which they had been the recipients, presented Mrs. Bursinger with an elegant parlor mirror.  She was taken entirely by surprise and as she had not anticipated anything of the kind, and of course it was exceedingly gratifying to her, to receive an expression of the good wishes and satisfaction of those who made her home their home.  The occasion will long be remembered by the recipient and those who contributed to the gift which made all concerned happy.



Beer and Cheese Cellars of Early Days Uncovered


In 1852 Joseph Bursinger established what was known as the City Brewery and an old record here of the establishment says “it was started with a capital of $2,000 and three employees until its success compelled an increase of both.”   This later became a major brewery here.  It later was capitalized at $80,000.  Its beer, an old document here states, “is said to be made of pure malt and hops and no drugs of any kind.  Shipments are made throughout Wisconsin”. 






Cross References:

Hoeffner and Frohne started a distillery in 1849 at site of the former Hoeffner's brewery which later passed over to Joseph Bursinger [north side of Cady, east of bridge]. 

Hartig Brewery



                    Mrs. Ferdinand Bursinger 



                    Mrs. Ferdinand Bursinger 





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