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Jacob Hoeffner

Hoeffner’s Brewery



12 10       Hoeffner Brewery Fire

A new brewery of Mr. Jacob Hoeffner took fire early on Saturday evening last.  Upon the alarm being given, there was a very prompt and general turn-out on the part of our citizens; but before they had time to reach the spot, the flames were subdued without any serious injury having been sustained.


If the cry of "Fire!" is justly startling to a community having a large and well-disciplined fire department, what should it be to one whose only means of defense against the devouring elements consists in a few hooks and ladders and a mere handful of rickety pails, without a regular organization for the use of either?  We must acknowledge that we have the worst of fears for the safety of our village.  As a general thing, our buildings are not only of the most combustible materials, but probably nine-tenths of them have no other stove chimneys, many of which are pierced in the garret by three or four different pipes.  The ventilated condition of most of these garrets would admit of a spark being soon fanned into a flame; and a flame once kindled, how could it be conquered, so long as it found material upon which to riot, with no engine and no concerted effort to battle it?  We would call the attention of our citizens to this subject.


We do hope they will not allow winter to set in, without having taken additional measures to protect themselves against a fire.   WC  Dec. 10, 1847


1849      Hoeffner and Frohne started a distillery in 1849, and that was at the site of the former Hoeffner's brewery which later passed over to Joseph Bursinger [north side of Cady, east of bridge].  Beef cattle and hogs were fattened with "swill' and Frohne shot the hogs dead for his own use, and for shipment, because he was an old hunter, and was heartily supported in his shipping efforts by Jacob Hoeffner.  In fall Frohne parted from Jacob Hoeffner and built a distillery with Fritz Herrmann where his summer-garden is presently located [south of Fourth Street bridge] and began in the spring of 1849 to distill.



Cross Reference:

Donald Kehr and Catherine Hoeffner Kehr.  Donald came to Watertown in the early 1850's and was a cooper.  The Hoeffners came to Watertown in 1846 and Catherine's father Jacob was a brewer. 


Hartig Brewery


Hoeffner, Jacob                Early resident, Hoeffner's brewery co-founder

Hoeffner, Jacob, 1LT       1859, Governor's Artillery member

Hoeffner's Brewery          Forty-Eighters: Builders of Watertown,  pg 19

Hoeffner's Brewery          Founding of, sold to Jos. Bursinger