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J. B. Bennett

(SW corner First and Wisconsin; same as 600 S. First)


07 19         1873 Tornado, Smith & Bennett's Machine Shop damaged in the First ward    WD



06 24         Last Saturday, at the J. R. Bennetts foundry (where they make the Watertown Threshing Machine), a group of boys amused themselves by breaking the steam gauges on some steam engines standing in the yard awaiting repair.  They completely destroyed the instruments.  The editor thinks the City Marshall should keep his eye on "the little scamps" and if they are caught repeating this game, they should be arrested and brought up for trial.     WD or WR



07 03          The Watertown Threshing Machine Works by J. Bennet, are a busy hive of industry these days and the hum and bustle in the shops denote the confidence in a bountiful crop that is felt by the proprietor. The warehouse is poled full of Watertown Threshers ready for work in the field, making a splendid looking array of finely finished machinery.    WR


10 18          Cross on new St. Bernard Church cast at the foundry of Mr. J. B. Bennett.   WR



Weltburger ad, 06 22 1878











11 06          Hon. J. B. Bennett of Washington, D. C., was a guest of George W. Hawkins and other old friends here the fore part of the week.  This being his old home, he came here to vote on Tuesday last, residents of Washington not being allowed to vote there.  Mr. Bennett was for many years Watertown's largest manufacturers, manufacturing threshing machines, seeders and farm implements of all kinds.  All his old friends gave him a most hearty greeting.  While in the city he was a pleasant caller at The Gazette office.  He reports his sons, John and Ruben Bennett well, both being engaged as machinists in the navy yard at Washington.   WG



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Ruben Bennett (?), son of J. B.






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