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Dr. Walter W. Arzberger

1888 - 1985



08 19       WITHDRAWS FROM COMPANY.  Dr. Arzburger Opens Office at 304 Madison Street.

Dr. W. W. Arzburger resigned his position as veterinarian for the Dr. Hartwig, Comber, Arzburger company on Monday, which was the end of the fourth fiscal year of the company, and has opened an office in the building at 304 Madison Street, which was formerly occupied by Hess & Volkmann.  Stables adjacent to the building will be used for hospital purposes as needed.


Dr. Arzburger entered the employ of Dr. A. H. Hartwig nearly five years ago, and has been a resident of the city since that time, except for a residence of about eight months at Ft. Atkinson after the organization of the company, when a branch was maintained there.  Many of his friends have been apprised of the change and have called to wish him success in his new venture.   WG




The Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association will honor Dr. W. W. Arzberger, long time Watertown veterinarian, at its 50th Annual Meeting which will be held in Milwaukee at the Hotel Sheraton-Schroeder on Jan. 9 to 11.  Dr. Arzberger will be one of three veterinarians to receive the “Meritorious Service Award.”  This award is given to veterinarians who have been given long and faithful service to the veterinary profession and the Wisconsin Livestock Industry.




His daughter thinks its great the way he gets around but she worries when he gets the axe out and starts splitting logs.  He's Dr. Walter W. Arzberger, this year's honorary marshal of the Watertown Independence Day parade. 


And at 94, he's America's oldest practicing veterinarian.  Arzberger still gets calls every so often to look after a sick dog or cat or a farm animal. 


Much of his time, however, goes into keeping track of his seven acre homestead along the Rock River north of Jones Street, where he works on his two large gardens and his orchard.  And where to the chagrin of his daughter, Bobbi Mass (Mrs. Al Jr.), he often acts anything but a man of 94. 


Walter Arzberger was born Feb. 17, 1888, in Helenville, one of eight children of Karl and Sarah Arzberger. 


The family name comes from his grandparents, who immigrated to America from Arzberg in Bavaria.   WDT



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               Buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, b. Feb 17, 1888, d. Mar 6, 1985

Mrs. W. W. Arzberger was granddaughter of Ferdinand Hartwig Sr




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