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114 Main Street

217 E Main



Wegemann & Strauss remodeled their store     WR



12 11       CHILDREN'S DAY

Children's day at Wegemann & Strauss' store last Saturday was a huge success.  Hordes of little ones, between the hours of 8 and 11 a.m., frequented the establishment and were made happy.  They were shown into the presence of Santa Claus, aptly personated by one of the clerks, Theodore Hagedorn, attired in the proverbial white wig and whiskers and fur coat, who, seated under a canopy of gaudy fabrics, cheerfully greeted his callers and presented each with gifts. Handkerchiefs, picture books, pencils, candy, nuts, etc., were freely dispensed, over 1,500 packages being disposed of.  An inspection of the toy department followed the gift-making, and many a pair of covetous eyes feasted upon the tremendous assortment of goods for the Yuletide.  It was an enterprising idea of the firm.   WR







Extensive improvements will soon be commenced on the store building belonging to the Sweeney estate, 114 Main Street, occupied by Wegemann & Strauss.  Another story is to be added and the building otherwise enlarged, while a complete new front on stylish up-to-date lines is to be put in.   WR



02 22       Watertown has been justly celebrated for its fine stores, and each succeeding year increases the number.  Schiffler & Wegemann are enterprising, go-ahead merchants, and propose to leave nothing undone to make their store one of the most inviting of its kind in the state.  For the past few weeks they have employed a force of workmen in remodeling and renovating.  A new hard-wood floor and ceiling adds much to the attractiveness of the place, and the removal of the tailoring department from the main floor gives increased room for their large and really superb stock of everything in the clothing and gents' furnishing line.  In the evening their store is brilliantly illuminated and a visit to this establishment will convince anyone that Schiffler & Wegeman thoroughly understand their business and the wants of their customers.   WR


05 16       J. E. Grell, of Johnson Creek, and W. J. Kyle, of Fort Atkinson, exclusive agents for Jefferson and Walworth counties of the Eagle Acetylene generator, has just placed a plant in the store of Wegemann & Strauss.  Acetylene gas is a comparatively new invention and people who have used it speak in high terms of its economical and lighting properties.  The Wegemann & Strauss plant is the first institution in this city to use it.  It provides their store with a nice white light which was much admired last evening by passers-by.  WR


Wegemann & Strauss, 1902, 114 E Main, Picturesque Watertown booklet



Schiffler & Wegemann, 1901, Tailors, Clothiers & Furnishers, 1901 encased cent



02 07       Wegemann & Strauss' great mill-ends sale closed last Saturday.  It was a great success, very large crowds attending daily, and all bought largely of the great bargains offered, and went on their way rejoicing.  It is a great pleasure to this enterprising firm to see these popular sales so well patronized, and a greater pleasure to know that every purchaser is well satisfied, and has a good word to say of them.   WG


     Schiffler & Wegemann  217 E Main




03 03       Wegemann & Weber have installed in their store a National Cash Register, manufactured at Dayton, Ohio.  It is so constructed that it registers the amount of each purchase by check and the total sales by each salesman, each of whom has a separate drawer and key and the total of the day - a very ingenious contrivance.   WDT



03 22       Wegeman & Weber, the clothing merchants and tailors, continue to make improvements in their store at the corner of Main and Third streets.  They are having a new steel ceiling put in to replace the old one which has become somewhat unsightly and having it nicely painted which makes the store room more pleasant and inviting.  They have also had a nice electric light placed at the corner of the streets taking the place of the old gas light, upon the sides of which is the name of the firm and their trade which is a great improvement over the old dilapidated light removed.   WDT






A commercial transaction of considerable local importance was the result of a meeting here Wednesday evening. It follows the recent dissolution of partnership of the clothing firm of Wegemann & Weber.  This latest development is the organization of a stock company under the laws of the state of Wisconsin . . . The newly incorporated firm will be known as Wegemann-Faber-Kaercher Company.


Mr. Wegemann is too well known to the citizens of Watertown to need any introduction on the part of the Leader.  He has been engaged in the mercantile business here several years and has assumed high rank in the commercial activity of the city . . .


Mr. W. H. Faber, who has entered the new firm, has been engaged with the old concerns for the past five years as cutter in the tailoring department.  He is a young gentleman of good business head and will prove of value in the conduct of the business.


William Kaercher, the third member of the firm, is another gentleman well known to the citizens of Watertown.  In the past twelve years he has been associated with the firm of W. F. Brandt & Sons as salesman . . . The store at present is a model for neatness and convenience for it was only last year that the firm of Wegemann & Weber were forced to expand to meet the demand of the trade by taking the space on the second floor.  Here's to the newly incorporated firm.  May they prosper and grow.   WDT


Cross Reference:  Edwin Faber, Sr.’s first employment in Watertown was with the firm of Schliffler and Wegemann which was located at Third and Main streets, the location of Salick’s today [1972].







10 24       FARE-REFUNDING SALE, full page Weltburger ad 



Advertisement, 1915 Watertown High School Orbit





Between nine and ten o’clock last evening Chas. Albrecht, a one-armed “hobo,” broke into the store of Wegemann-Faber-Kaercher Co. through a rear window and stole eight suits of clothes, six tie pins, one tie, one pair of suspenders and two suitcases, amounting to $136.50.  About 10 o’clock Louis Tietz, a clerk in the store, stopped in and saw a number of coat hangers on the floor and going out met Officer Bolger and told him that the store was robbed.  They investigated and found a man loitering across the street and upon being questioned and searched a tie bearing the label of the firm was found in his pocket.  The other articles stolen were found in the alley.  When brought into Justice Rohr’s court this morning he waived examination and was bound over for the next term of the circuit court.   WG




Store Is Rented.  Max Wegeman, operator of the Wegeman store, known as "Watertown’s Greatest Bargain Store," is going out of business.







Wegemann & Weber 1905c, 217 E Main, clothing

Wegemann & Weber 1907, Clothing, 217 E Main, Children's Day (PC-069)




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