ebook  History of Watertown, Wisconsin


Watertown Shoe Company

416-422 S First

Factory:  First St, opposite Spring St

Retail Store:  608 Main


Ferdinand Schmutzler, founder

Ulrich Habhegger, president




03 18       The Watertown Shoe company made a shipment Saturday of a carload of shoes to Haase & Son, of Oshkosh.  Orders like these speak well for the business of the company.    WR



01 03       The Watertown Shoe company have been receiving some nice orders for their goods lately.  One day last week a $2,000 stock was sold to a single firm in Stoughton.   WR


10 17       Business for the Watertown Shoe company is on the increase and the directors have deemed it necessary to enlarge the plant.  Consequently a brick addition, 31x48 1/2 feet in size, is being erected on the south part of the factory, to consist of two stories and a basement.  When this is completed the office and the stock room will be transferred to it, thus giving the entire old building over to the workshop.  Directors W. Gorder and G. Schmutzler, who own the building, are erecting the new part, and the work will be rushed to completion.   WR


10 24       The Watertown Shoe company will have their big annual fall shoe sale within the coming two weeks, this time combining it with -their much talked of yearly sample sale.  It will be remembered how, at their last sale, their store was crowded at all times.  This goes to show that conservative advertising, and giving the public exactly what they advertise, is the proper way to gain the public confidence.  It may be predicted that the coming -sale will be as successful as previous ones.   WR






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      Watertown Shoe Factory, Weltburger, 03 29 1890, drawing


      Watertown Shoe Factory, Weltburger, 03 29 1890, drawing



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