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Watertown Concrete Block Co.


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Watertown Concrete Block Co

1906, Fred Ullerich, cartoonist  drawing, WDT, 206 Second, WHS_005_442


Watertown Republican, 07 26 1905


Last Wednesday, the Watertown Concrete Block Company began the manufacture of concrete building blocks in the Neinow & Basinger factory building on First Street, having purchased, the right from the patentee for Jefferson and Dodge counties.


The company consists of Fred Ullerich of the grocery firm of Ullerich & Ohm of this city and Julius Pacius of Milwaukee.


The blocks are made of sand and cement in such proportions as to give them strength and durability equal to most of the verities of stone used for building purposes.  For the present, but two sizes will be made, viz: 12x24x 8 inches which equals 30 bricks and 9x24x8 inches which equals 22 ½ bricks. The blocks have opening to prevent frosted walls and dampness, and renders them easier to handle.


The blocks have been subjected to severe tests and have proven satisfactory to such an extent that the government is now using them in preference to stone.  The face of the blocks can be made smooth or rough as may be desired, and when laid into a wall, present a front that is pleasing to the sight on account of the uniformity and the regularity of the same.  They are less expensive than either wood, brick or stone, and another thing that should be remembered is that owing to their being hollow they can be plastered upon on the inside, thus making a saving for lath and lathing.


The sand here has been tested and found to be of an exceptional high grade for the manufacture of the blocks, and to make no mistake, the company has installed a large mixer, so that there shall be the proper proportions of sand and cement.


Several contracts have been closed with builders and others are under consideration.  The blocks possess many advantages to recommend them to those intending to erect homes or business buildings which can be learned by calling on the manufacturers who will gladly impart information that will convince the most skeptical as to their value.


We understand that it is the intention of Mr. Pacius to move his family to this city in the spring, being well pleased with Watertown.    WR



Watertown Republican, 10 05 1905


The Watertown Concrete Block Company has received and now has in operation its new “mixer” and have orders ahead for 8,000 block to be delivered as soon as manufactured and ready for use.  Last week a carload of the blocks was shipped to Beaver Dam and more are to follow as soon as they can be forwarded.




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