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F. E. Shandrew



07 22††††††††† There is now an extensive Threshing Machine Manufactory in this city, carried on by Mr. F. E. Shandrew.  Though only recently started, fifteen have been completed this season.  They have all the latest improvements and will be found to be among the best now in use.  Farmers in this region will find it for their interests to buy their threshing machines at this new establishment, for the reason that it will be a great convenience to have a place where they can come to get their repairing done.  We learn that most of the machines made here have been sold cheaper than they could be obtained elsewhere, while in point of strength and finish they have been pronounced superior by good judges.  When the motives are so great as in this case, we should by all means encourage our home manufactures, and do all we can to make them permanent and successful.  We hope to see this threshing machine establishment one of the prominent institutions of our city - adequate to meet the growing demands of one of the best grain growing districts in the West.  Without the help such labor saving inventions afford, the vast quantities of wheat raised in this State could never be prepared for market.†† WD


1858, Young Menís Assn officer



03 10†††††† The next spring election will be fully as important as any ordinary fall election.An Associate Justice of the Supreme Court and a Judge of the Circuit Court of this District are to be chosen in addition to the usual number of municipal officers.For the offices of City Treasurer, Police Justice, City Marshal, and Aldermen of the different wards there is not likely to be any scarcity of candidates from which to make good selections . . . It does not seem as if either the Democrats or Republicans intended to make party nominations and put forward regular tickets, as no conventions have as yet been called, though there is time enough for that yet.


The only citizen we have heard named in connection with the office of Mayor is Mr. F. E. Shandrew, a gentleman admirably qualified for the position and [who] would discharge its duties with the promptness and intelligence that would reflect credit alike on himself and the community whose official head he would then be.Mr. Shandrew is well known as one of our most enterprising and energetic business men, well acquainted with the wants and interests of the city, sufficiently familiar with Parliamentary rules to make a capital presiding officer, and would take a pride and pleasure in promoting the welfare of the city, with the prosperity of which his own is permanently identified.Though he is not among our very oldest residents he has been here long enough to become familiar with the past history, present condition and future needs of the place and would make such a Mayor as would win the confidence and respect of all with whom he might be brought in official contact, whether fellow-townsmen or strangers.Of course we do not mean to intimate that he is the only gentleman who would make such a Mayor as we all would like to see occupying that purely honorary but not irresponsible position, for that would be neither true nor candid, but he is one of them, and if no more preferable candidate appears we certainly shall not regret his election.†† WD


04 14†††††† One year of success has crowned our efforts in building THRESHING MACHINES that have proved in every respect equal to any other machine manufactured.And having made decided improvements during the past winter we shall be able by the first of June next to offer to farmers as good an eight horse power machine as any other manufactured in the state.One great consideration in purchasing a Threshing Machine is to get it as near home as possible, in order to save a large amount of time and money in having it repaired whenever necessary.We hold ourselves in readiness to do all repairs on the shortest notice and on the most reasonable terms.We are also prepared to do all kinds of mill jobs or any other business pertaining to a foundry and machine shop.F. E. Shandrew & Co., Watertown†† WD



08 02†††††† New Reaper

We had the opportunity of witnessing the operation of one of Kirbey's Reapers on the farm of Handford Reed, sold by F. E. Shandrew of this city to Mr. Wood, who gives it as his opinion, that if he had purchased it ten days ago he would have saved the price of the machine by harvesting his grain before it became dead ripe, as it is utterly impossible to obtain harvest hands enough to secure the large crops by hand.†† WD


1860, Shandrew & Co, dissolution of, sold to Otis Hall & Co, Vulcan Iron Works


1860, Watertown Sunday School Teachers Assn