ebook  History of Watertown, Wisconsin


Regensdorf & Co.




04 21       ARRIVED

C. Regensdorf, on Second Street, has just received large and fine stocks of dry goods and groceries, which he is selling at the lowest cash prices.  He also deals in every kind of produce, and keeps his store well supplied with all varieties of groceries and provisions.   WD


05 19       1864 SPRING & SUMMER  / G. REGENSDORF

The undersigned is now receiving his stock of spring and summer goods, consisting of dry goods, Yankee notions, hat and caps, a large assortment of straw goods for ladies, misses and children.  Also a general assortment of groceries, all of which will be sold, as usual, cheap for cash.  G. Regensdorf, two doors north of the post office.   WD


07 07       CROCKERY AT COST

As I am closing out this branch of my business, I am selling Crockery without regard to cost.  C. Regensdorf, 2 doors north of the post office.    WD



03 09       MOVED

C. Regensdorf & Co. have moved their dry goods and grocery store to the block on the corner of Main and Third streets, where they are now ready to receive their customers and accommodate them with any thing in their line of business.   WD


09 14       HATS AND CAPS

I have the largest stock in town, for men, boys and children, which will be at prices to defy all competition.


Ladies & Misses Hats


In endless variety, a large and splendid assortment of the latest fashions.  The following are a few of the leading styles:  Lady Grant, George B. McClellan, Diana, the Princess and Turban, and others, new, attractive and beautiful.



I would [also] call particular attention to my stock of groceries, which is always full and complete.  Bear in mind that goods are constantly advancing and that they will be higher a month hence than they are today.


Buy now and save money.

G. Regensdorf, 2 doors north of the post office.   WD






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