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Palace Theatre


“In 1907 the Palace Theatre was changed to the Lyric.”   Source



In 1912 still another theatre joined the list here.  It was the Princess, successor to the Lyric. It was operated at the same location and was owned by Albert Krahmer.   Source




03 29          The Palace Theatre is running along in the even tenor of its way, giving good little performances to fairly good crowds.  The entertainment which ended last evening was exceptionally good. The three motion pictures were fine, especially “The Pirates” and that it was appreciated was evidenced in the applause.  The “Airship Burglars” and “The Plank” of a comedy nature, were also very good.  Then there was a good illustrated song and harp solo, with musical selections upon the piano and violin.


Tonight there will be a change of program. The illustrated song will be “From the Garden to the Cross Alone.”  The song as sung by Malcolm Florent are a feature, and a contrast from the mechanical phonograph selections.  The gentleman has an exceptionally good voice.




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