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Simon Molzahn


Simon Molzahn Block


200 N Third St, c.1895



10 23          Even though Corbett and Fitzsimmons are not to fight in Little Rock , Watertownites may witness a fistic encounter between these two notables by a glance in John Molzahn's show window.  A lot of artificial frogs represent the figures and placards are displayed that "the police are not invited" and "no ladies in bloomers admitted."   WR


11 06          John Molzahn has another frog display this week.  It depicts the recent Concordia Young Men Bowling contest, several incidents being caricatured in a manner that is amusing to knowing ones.  But if John persists in libeling his friends by representing them as common, bloated bull-frogs, he may look for no end of trouble.   WR



05 29          Messrs. Simon Molzahn, Charles Feisst and Andrew Roegner are the owners and officers of a neat little steam launch which has its moorings in Rock river, below Boomers dam.  The boat is twenty-two feet in length, will accommodate a dozen persons, is fitted with an eight horse-power engine and is propelled by a steam wheel.  It is of light draft and capable of developing a speed of eight miles an hour.  The launch was given a trial trip to Hahn’s lake last week and it is proposed during the summer to make excursions down the river as far as Jefferson — a most delightful and picturesque trip.  S. Molzahn is captain of the craft, Mr. Roegner chief engineer, and Mr. Feisst navigating officer.    WR



04 16          The fire department was called out yesterday afternoon about 3:30 o’clock the scene being at S. Molzahn’s building, corner Third and Madison streets.  The fire started in some mysterious manner in the cupola on the building.  It is a mystery for the reason that the cupola is shut off from the building.  There are no chimneys or electric wires therein, a fact that is causing considerable speculation as to the origin.  Fortunately the flames were extinguished before much damage was done.   WDT



07 25          A building that has become almost a landmark in Watertown is being remodeled.  For many years it was known as the Simon Molzahn block, at the corner of North Third and Madison Streets [200 N Third].  In an era which was dominated by the horse and buggy rather than motor cars, it was operated as a saloon by Simon Molzahn and later it was continued by Mr. Molzahn's son-in-law, Harry Kellerman.  Mr. and Mrs. Kellerman now occupy one of the other apartments on the second floor of the building and the Surdick Plumbing Co., as well as the Kellerman Agency, are also quartered on the main floor.   WDT



11 09          One of Watertown’s old business buildings is ready to serve for many more years after a record of 67 years of continuous operation, following extensive remodeling and improvements.  It is the building at North Third and Madison Streets which the late Simon Molzahn erected in 1892.  He operated a tavern in it for many years and later the business was operated by his son-in-law, Harry Kellerman.  The present operator is Elmer G. Schmidt who conducts the Hofbrau Tavern there.  Another well-known business located in the building is the Surdick Plumbing Co. which occupies the center of the building in quarters that were entirely remodeled.  The quarters were occupied years ago by the C. A. Feisst Liquor Co., retailers and wholesalers of fine wines and liquors of all kinds, both domestic and imported.   WDT




Work has started on demolishing the buildings near North Third and Madison streets, across from the Watertown Savings and Loan Association building, which will house the association’s new TV Drive-in Window Service.  Actual construction will begin as soon as possible.  Announcement that the association had secured the property for its new facilities was made public last year.   WDT




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