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Leap Year Ride


Watertown Democrat, 02 04 1864


This being Leap Year, the ladies have asserted their privilege and got up an old fashioned sleigh ride and it is to come off tomorrow.  We have received and accepted an invitation and shall be ready when the fair one appears to escort us to our seat.  Next week the excursion will be an ancient story, the fun enjoyed, and nothing but pleasant memories of it remain.  As the ladies never fail and always carry out their enterprises, it is just as well to tell what will take place as what has occurred.



Well then, about 3 o’clock on Friday afternoon we were gracefully handed into the sleigh, already filled with a gay and lively party, and off we flew over the smooth and snowy road, under the starry sky, to the musical sounds of the jingling bells, whose tones rung like evening chimes through the clear atmosphere, female vivacity and wit making the hours glide by cheerfully.  We went as far as Jefferson or some other village just as good, gathered for a little while around the cheerful fire in the parlor of a public house, chatted about the weather, fashions, and other days and things, returned back safe, and under the lead of our polite attendant – having received every possible attention that could contribute to our gratification – we were ushered in to the ample reception rooms of the Robinson House, with the greatest care and solicitude.


No sooner did we find ourselves in the happiest frame of mind than a new surprise awaited us.  We were shown into the [Robinson House] dining hall by our thoughtful entertainer and had the pleasure of partaking, in her company, of such a supper as the intelligent and generous proprietor of this well furnished and popular hotel never fails to spread before his guests on such occasions as this – in fact he won the warmest commendations of the ladies, who were justly proud of the festival.  The affair ended by our being carried home – the lady, however, by some mistake, reaching hers first, and we found another editor playing the agreeable to our better half, which quickly opened our eyes and we began to see “the whole in the trick,” coming to the conclusion that we were shrewdly victimized after all.  Having been jilted once, we did not think Mrs. ____ would serve us so!




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