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Imperial Minstrels



02 15†††††† The Imperial Minstrels scored a decided hit at the Turner Opera House last evening, the hall being packed to its utmost capacity and hundreds were turned away and refused tickets of admittance of even standing room.It is safe to say that if the performance were to be repeated tonight, as many had hoped, the house would be packed again.It is estimated that there was an attendance of one thousand people.Many who would show disgust at the average so-called professionals were delighted beyond measure last evening and laughed till their sides ached.The entire performance . . . moved along without a hitch, every man to his post and only two minor criticisms could have possibly been made . . . It was a home talent production and the boys only had two weeks of active preparation . . . a performance that was far beyond the expectations of those present, as was evidenced by the many hearty encores and generous applause that greeted each number and stunt on the program.



Watertown Imperial Minstrels

Watertown Gazette, 02 19 1909


Turner Opera House was packed to the doors last Tuesday evening to witness the performance of the Watertown Imperial Minstrels, and the excellence of the entertainment furnished, well deserved the magnificent audience.   From start to finish everybody was amused, and it certainly was one round of pleasure. The hall decorations were very artistic and added interest to the occasion.  W. J. Bethke officiated as musical director and the Weber-Stube orchestra furnished the music and accompanied the vocal numbers.  John F. Berigan made a most excellent interlocutor.  The minstrels were made up as follows:  ComediansóF. P. McAdams, Lew W. Parks, Otto V. Knaak, bones ; Gordon E. Bacon, C. A. Kohn, John J. Lietz, tambos.  VocalistsóWilliam L. Schlueter, E. J. Hoermann, Joseph Glaus, William F. Richards, Joseph J. Raue, Carl F. Otto, Edward C. Wolfram, J. C. Weber, Baldwin S. Raue, Frank G. Exner, George A. Richards, Roman M. Hahn.


The jokes and funny sayings of the above combination were all well taken and thoroughly enjoyed by all present and the following vocal selections were heartily applauded:


True Blue                  Company

Dixie Dan                  John J. Lietz

Lazy Moon                  W. F. Richards

Your Minstrel Boy          C. A. Kohn

Smiling Star               Frank G. Exner

Common Sense               Otto V. Knaak

When the Bell in

   the Lighthouse Rings    W. L. Schlueter

I'm Glad I'm Married       F. P. McAdams

My Mother's Kiss Was

   Sweetest of Them All    E. C. Wolfram

Mandy Lane                 L. W. Parks

What's the Use             G. E. Bacon

In Watertown               Company




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