ebook  History of Watertown, Wisconsin


The Humboldt

Frank Gilman



08 05       The Gilmans, at the "Humbolt," are just now serving their customers with that best of all malt drinks—Stock Ale. Sand's X X X is about the best of the kind, clear as crystal, yellow as amber, healthful, invigorating and delicious. If ever we drank anything, we would try it, and when we do drink, it is generally about this time of day.   WD


12 23       The proprietors of the Humboldt will keep open house on the holidays.  In their best style Messrs. Gilman will serve all who choose to give them a call with a free lunch and all know that they do not allow themselves to be surpassed when they try.  Those who may visit that “institution” on the festive days now drawing near will be made doubly happy by the all kinds of good cheer that will be offered them without money or price.   WD



03 03       H. & F. Gilman keep the best of imported wines and liquors at their splendid restaurant and billiard rooms on Main Street, Stimpson’s block.  Where meals are served up at all hours.  Fresh oysters received daily.  Free lunch daily at 10 a.m.   WD


06 07       The Humboldt—kept by Frank Gilman—has just received a new and complete overhauling.  All is now ready for the reception of customers.  Those who are fond of billiards will there find tables on which they can play that gentlemanly game to the best advantage.  The best of everything is to be found there, and if the best possible liquors were anything but most wretchedly bad—bad to make, bad to buy, bad to drink, bad to live by, worse to die by or of—we should advise all to try Frank’s, but we warn all to let the stuff alone, though if they will drink, they might as well drink at the Humboldt as at the Newhall, for when they get down to the elements, one article will be found just as good as the other, and both kill further than a shot gun will carry, though not perhaps quite so quick.   WD