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Fredich Livery


200-202 S First St


1902, Picturesque Watertown booklet



05 08†††††† A hack from Behlís livery conveying two couples to the dance last evening was driven into a sewer hole on North Third Street and swamped.The young ladies were carefully lifted from their precarious condition and their gallant escorts had to wade through the much to the direful injury of their patent leathers.†† WR


05 13†††††† The hack which was tipped in the North Third Street sewer Tuesday evening of last week was from Fredrick's livery, not Behlís, as first reported.†† WR




Three persons have agreed to back the baseball team this year.They are Gustav Buchheit, Albert Fredrich and Reinhold Schott.A lease has been granted for Washington park and everything will be done in the proper way.The season will open about June 2 and it is hoped that only success awaits the undertaking.†† WR



01 09†††††† The livery business of Al Fredrich was last week removed from the old Kennedy stand to Mr. Fredrichís recently constructed building, corner of First and Market streets.The new quarters are commodious, substantial and fitted with every convenience, making on the whole one of the best livery stables in the state.†† WR


11 23†††††† The livery barn of Al Fredrick on First Street is now lighted and heated by a Joseph Moehn Automatic Gas Machine.He also uses the gas generated by the machine in his gas stove for cooking purposes.This machine has a capacity of 100 lights, and the cost of lighting will be about 55 to 60 cents per 1000 feet.The illuminating gas consists of 97 per cent air, 1 1/2 per cent gasoline, 1 1/2 per cent, water, and the heating gas is only about 75 per cent air.The gasoline tank is stationed outside the building and the machine in the basement.The machine is connected with the city water, and when either heating or illuminating gas is wanted all that has to be done is to turn on the water and the machine does the rest automatically.†† WG



12 18†††††† As a result of the carelessness of people throwing water upon streets, Al Fredrich, proprietor of a livery stable on First Street, says he lost a valuable horse this morning.The animal was one of the bus horses and while being driven on Madison Street yesterday it slipped and fell, receiving internal injuries from which it died this morning.Mr. Fredrich feels very sorry over his loss as the animal was one of the best he owned.


He stated this morning that the animal slipped on ice which had frozen from water which he believes was thrown upon the street and he intends having the matter investigated to find out who is to blame for such occurrences.The animal was valued at $150 by Mr. Fredrich.†† WDT



-- --†††††††††† ALBERT FREDRICH LIVERY (office and entry to office)

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Klinger & Mayer, the well-known Ford dealers, are now located in their new and commodious garage in First Street, formerly the Fredrich livery barn. They removed from their old stand in Third Street this week and are now ready for business. This garage is an authorized sales and service station which deals directly with the Ford company. Its territory includes the city of Watertown and the towns of Emmet, Shields, Watertown and Milford.


The garage is a most commodious one, the firm occupying the basement floor, street floor portion of the second story. The basement, which is 50x90, will be used for the storage of cars. The show room on the street floor is 27x34 feet with tin office and accessory room 12x34 feet. A stock room and private office is also located on this floor. There is also a repair floor 50x74 and a service room 50x30.


In the basement there is a room 50x30 devoted to recharging, repairing of storage batteries, welding and tire vulcanizing.


Besides the Ford car the firm handles the Smith Form-a-Truck [1], which is a handy and convenient addition to the Ford car, easily put on.The firm will employ twelve men and the plant is equipped with all the latest devices and machines necessary for prompt repairs.


The garage in Third Street vacated by Klinger & Mayer will be used by the Auto Garage, J. B. Wilkes, proprietor, who now- conducts garages in Market Street and Main Street and sells the Saxon car.††††††††† The Watertown News. [volume], August 31, 1917


[1] Smith Form-a-Truck



06 29†††††† A big real estate deal was made on whereby Edward Schnitger became the owner of the property at 200-202 South First Street, owned by Al Fredrich and for many years conducted by him as a livery business.†† The deal is a large one and one of the biggest transactions here in years. The new owner intends putting in a first-class auto livery which will be a credit to the city.††





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