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Copeland-Roach Motor Co.

108-110 S First, Auto Dealer, Repair, Supplies


Distributers Rambler Automobiles, Garage, Repairing,

Accessories, Supplies and Auto Livery


The Copeland-Roach Motor Company was established in our city in 1908.  


Bought the old City Hall and Fire Engine House


At that time the company bought the old city hall and fire engine house on First Street from the city.  They immediately reconstructed and built a new addition on the north side of this structure.  The building is a two story double brick; the upper part is nicely arranged for their office rooms, and the entire lower space is occupied for the garage salesroom, auto livery and repairing department, where there are none employed but skilled and experience mechanics.


Special attention is given to tourists and free air is furnished for their motor tires.


The Copeland Roach Motor Company was incorporated in 1908 with T. B. Roach, president; W. R. Roach, vice-president; W. F. Copeland secretary and treasurer.  T. B. Roach has just bought W. F. Copeland's entire stock in the company.


Few people ever stop to realize the importance or magnitude of the automobile industry in this country.  No branch of business has made more rapid strides in recent years and no more convincing proof is to be found than by a visit to the garage and salesroom of the Copeland-Roach Motor Company, which is centrally located at 108 and 110 First Street.


Here you will find such well-known automobiles as the Rambler, Cadillac, Mitchell and Reo.  These cars are all high-grade machines and the equipments are of the latest contrivances of 1912.  The Rambler cross-country is one of their great sellers this season, which is a large elegant car, and no one that has seen it will guess its price below $2500 or $3000.




The Rambler Co. was the first to offer a real bicycle for less than $100 and they are the first in the field now offering a real car for less than $2000.  The Rambler cross-country price is $1650.00. 


The other cars that are handled by the company are all of the modern construction and for workmanship and material no better cars can be found in this or any other country for the money.


One of Four Pioneers


If you contemplate buying a car this season it will pay you to call and have an automobile talk with T. B. Roach, who is thoroughly conversant with every branch of the automobile business, having been in the same for nine years, and has the distinction of being one of the four pioneer automobile men in Jefferson County.   WG 03 21 1912



1909      New Motor Co  / Old Engine House Sold

01 08       The Copeland-Roach Motor Co., incorporated, of this city, has purchased from the city the property in [108-110 South] First Street which was formerly used for fire engine purposes and more recently for an emergency hospital.  It has a frontage of 40 feet on First Street and extends 120 feet back to Rock River.  The above named company will erect an up-to-date garage and automobile livery business thereon and will carry a full line of automobiles and supplies in stock.  Work on the garage will be commenced as early as possible in the spring.  It will be 40x100 feet, two stories high.  The company will handle the Rambler, the Mitchell and the Reliable Dayton machines.  Mr. Roach was formerly a resident of Waterloo and while a resident of that village was elected in 1896 sheriff of this county, but for several years past he has been engaged in the automobile business in Milwaukee.  Mr. Copeland has been for many years the C.&N.W.Ry. agent at Jefferson Junction, and is well and most favorably known hereabouts.  Mr. Roach resides at 502 North Church Street.  Our citizens heartily welcome this new enterprise to our city, and will give the proprietors thereof every encouragement.   WG


03 05       Archie Bros., monument builders of this city, have purchased of Roach & Copeland a Model R Mitchell touring car for $1785 to be used in connection with their business.  Last year they purchased a Rambler of Mr. Roach and have been using it in their business in connection with their Waterloo branch.  Automobiles are growing in favor every day for business purposes, and Roach & Copeland have just what you want at reasonable prices. [The Mitchell Motor Car Co produced automobiles from 1903-1923 and was based in Racine]   WG


   06 05 1909



1911, Ad, Rambler motor car


08 10       Roach’s Garage

When autoists go to Watertown they will find it a splendid place to run into Roach’s Garage.  Theo. Roach is in charge and he makes every driver feel welcome and he and his men render that little assistance that a driver so much appreciates when away from home.  Mr. Roach is meeting with splendid success at Watertown.  He is selling a large number of Ramblers and some Mitchells.  Jefferson Banner / WG






01 29       Edward Schultz & Bro. have purchased of the Copeland-Roach Motor Co. a fine Buick motor 'bus, to be used in their 'bus line business.  This enterprising firm is evidently awake to the needs of their large patronage. WG



"Theodore B. Roach (T. B.) was born 20 May 1867 in Milford, Jefferson, Wisconsin, the son of James Byron and Sarah "Sally" Perry (Bemis) Roach.  As this article mentions, he was President of the Copeland Roach Motor Company.  Vice president of the company, his older brother William Ross Roach (W. R.), was born 23 February 1860, also in Milford.  William's obituary describes him as, "one of the leading businessmen in Waterloo."



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