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E. D. Coe

O. K.  Coe

Henry Coe



E. D. Coe



5/9/1861, two vol. companies, Watertown Democrat

8/29/1861, misc, Watertown Democrat

9/12/1861, misc, Watertown Democrat

9/18/1861, misc, Watertown Democrat



6/12/1862, misc, Watertown Democrat

6/26/1862, misc, Watertown Democrat

10/23/1862, misc, Watertown Democrat

12/11/1862, misc, Watertown Democrat


Watertown Democrat, 12 04 1862

Pine lumber at wholesale and retail at the Milwaukee & Western railroad depot in the city of Watertown. 


I have on hand a large quantity of seasoned pine lumber, shingles and lath of all kinds and can fill bills either at home or on the line of railroads and on the most reasonable terms and on the shortest notice. 


— E. D. Coe, Watertown.



2/19/1863, misc, Watertown Democrat

8/6/1863, misc, Watertown Democrat



Coe, Edwin D - Spalding, Emma E               10/5/1865, marriage, Watertown Democrat



5/23/1867, misc, Watertown Democrat



12/2/1869, sold int in Republican, Watertown Democrat



2/29/1870, misc, Watertown Democrat

7/7/1870, misc, Watertown Democrat



9/14/1871, misc, Watertown Democrat

10/26/1871, misc, Watertown Democrat

11/9/1871, misc, Watertown Democrat



6/19/1873, misc, Watertown Democrat




O. K. Coe


11 23       O. K. ON OLD JOHN BROWN

We are under a solemn pledge to speak of the rare talents and accomplishments of Deacon O. K. of this city, as a singer of that stirring anthem of the war, widely known as “Old John Brown.”  The Deacon has a voice of great compass, power and sweetness, which he has cultivated and disciplined to such an amazing degree as if its melody was mingled with the celestial harmony of the spheres. 


He passes with the utmost ease and rapidity from the deepest toned notes to the highest and glides from “Old Hundred” to “The Blue Jay” with marvelous facility.  Meet him in the social circle and he is the delight and life of the party.  He banishes dullness away in an instant . . .  Encounter him most anywhere, in the street or at the post office, take him a little one side, and give him the hint, and he will gladly favor you with a private concert, and before he gets half through, you will almost fancy the Deacon is walking arm in arm with John Brown himself, in the other world, as he chants the words “his soul is marching on.”


But for the promise repeatedly drawn from us, we certainly should not feel justified in bringing forth from modest seclusion even so much genius and merit and make them the object of public attention, though it is a great loss and pity that the world should be deprived of such musical talents as those with which the “child of song” has been gifted.


It must be that he carries on the lumber business merely for the fun of the thing, as we have never heard that he makes any additional charges for the extra services he always renders in the way of throwing in a tune or two when he is making a bargain.


In fact, he talks and trades in musical notes and numbers, and soft and bewitching tones are generally the first indications of his approach or presence, when the whole atmosphere seems to become vocal with the richest sounds!     WD


1866-67 Watertown City Directory



    1866-67 Watertown City Directory


Coe, O K

1/6/1876, misc, Watertown Democrat

Coe, O K

12/22/1870, misc, Watertown Democrat

Coe, O K

1845, First Congregational Church communicant

Coe, O K

1860, Opened lumber yard

Coe, O K

6/30/1870, misc, Watertown Democrat

Coe, O K

7/23/1874, misc, Watertown Democrat

Coe, Oras K.

1866-67, Watertown City Directory, pg 15

Coe, Orris

1840, Census for Jefferson Cty, Watertown




Henry Coe


    1866-67 Watertown City Directory


Coe, Henry

1866-67, Watertown City Directory, pg 15

Coe, Henry

7/3/1873, misc, Watertown Democrat

Coe, Henry

9/30/1875, misc, Watertown Democrat

Coe, Henry - Orton, Ora C

9/25/1869, marriage, Watertown Democrat




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