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Buroff Garage

418 E Main

Edward G. Buroff



Watertown Historical Society Collection


1908      First Location on N. Third, Buroff Garage

12 25       Edward G. Buroff has disposed of his garage in North Third Street [211-215 N Third] to F. A. Tuschen and H. C. Tuschen, former residents of Sun Prairie, the consideration be $8,000.  They will take possession January 15, 1909.  [Frank and Henry Tuschen].   WG


1909      Move to 418 E Main

01 08       Edward G. Buroff has purchased of Herman Hilgendorf the 23 feet front property at the northwest corner of Main and North Fifth streets [418 E Main] and will erect a garage thereon in the spring.   WG




The above picture shows the new fire-proof automobile garage which Mr. Edward G. Buroff built last fall and has occupied since December.  The same is completely built out of cement blocks with a concrete foundation and is 100 ft. long, 32 ft. wide.  The top floor is arranged for comfortable family living quarters.  At Main and fifth streets [one can find the] big and convenient building in which he can manage his automobile business.  He has the only agency for the world-famous and strongest built Buick automobile that never needs repair with little up-keep costs.  The machine is the best and the entire car very pleasing to admire.  Before anyone buys he should look at this car at Edward Buroff.  All repairs on automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, etc., are fixed quickly, cheap and correctly, since Mr. Buroff is known as a skilled mechanic.  He also has a complete line of Victor and Edison phonographs and records in stock.  Before anyone buys they are allowed to play them.  Gasoline for the automobile is available from him at all times.  Translation of text from Weltburger of 02 12 1910


1913      Buroff-Fuller Motor Co, auto dealer, repairs, supplies, garages


1915      Richardson Brothers


1935      Donahue Motor Co


1950      Burk’s Garage


1957c    Jim's Packard Sales, 1950s-70s city assessor form, WHS_006_065a AND _065B


1960s, early

Building was demolished during a street-widening project


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