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The foundation was formed in late 1962 by Eugenia Brandt Quirk and her three children, E. James Quirk, Lillian Quirk Conley and Catherine Jean Quirk.


Eugenia was the daughter of Edward J. Brandt who founded Brandt Automatic Cashier Company in 1890.  It later changed its name to Brandt, Inc.


Eugenia married Earl W. Quirk who served as Brandt’s president.  He died in 1960.  She donated some of her Brandt stock as the initial capital for the foundation.


On the death of his father, E. James Quirk became president of Brandt in 1960.  He married Virginia C. Quirk who is the only survivor of that generation of the family.  She now lives in Naples, Fla.


Lillian Quirk Conley was married to James E. Conley, M.D., of Fox Point, Wis.  Catherine Jean Quirk never married and lived in the family home on South Fourth Street until her death in 1989.  Virginia Quirk and Dr. Conley were original members of the foundation board.


Other than the late Arthur Radloff and Charles Wallman, Brandt executives, all board members have been family descendants.



06 10       Acquiring 74 acres of land for an addition to the proposed west side Quarry Park would be enough to solve the city's longstanding parkland shortage, Watertown Park and Recreation Director John Steber said.  The purchase, previously recommended by the city finance and park commissions, received the unanimous backing of a third committee Monday afternoon, the plan commission. It now goes before the common council for final consideration on June 18.  Prior to Monday, the finance committee had negotiated to buy the parcel, located directly east of the already designated Quarry Park, for $225,000 from Mr. and Mrs. Herb Lunde.   WDT



05 15       Plans are proceeding for the proposed Quarry Park, a recreational facility that is expected to solve the city’s parkland shortage problems. The Watertown Park and Recreation Commission Monday received preliminary information about the planned 168-acre park from geologist Robert Fausett of Madison. Preliminary plans currently call for four softball diamonds, 10 volleyball courts and a parking area for about 550 vehicles. A cross country skiing and hiking trail is already in place at the park and Fausett explained how that could be extended with the park expansion.   WDT



03 18       Watertown residents can express their views about the development of a new city recreational area Tuesday at the Watertown Senior Center.  The city’s park, recreation and forestry department will hold a public informational meeting to discuss plans and ideas for Quarry Park, a 167-acre recreational area located on the city’s west side.  Although John Steber, city park and recreation director, has been working on various ideas for the site, he called his thoughts for Quarry Park “very tentative plans.”  “We want to get input from the public.  It’s going to be a community park,” he said.  “We’re not going to shove anything down their throats.”   WDT



10 29       The Earl and Eugenia Quirk Foundation today announced a major initiative to help develop Quarry Park in Watertown and also continue a commitment to install new playground equipment at several neighborhood parks. The foundation is proposing to make $550,000 in grants, subject to several conditions which will further enhance park development.


Those grants, coupled with various other funding sources could total over $2 million in new funding for Quarry Park over the next several years.


The grants, which Quirk foundation directors called a blockbuster contribution, are being offered in hopes of being a catalyst for a communitywide effort to develop Quarry Park by the year 2000.   WDT



07 24       The Watertown Unified School Board isn’t quite ready to commit a quarter of a million dollars to help develop Quarry Park.  Board members, who were asked to join community efforts to develop the site, instead scheduled a meeting for next month.  The school district has nearly $250,000 from the sale of the old high school building in a reserve account but has yet to determine a use for the money.  Mayor Fred Smith outlined the first phase of park development plans to the board, estimated to cost $1.4 million.  He noted the potential for school use at the park.  The park is adjacent to Watertown High School and plans for 12 tennis courts, improved soccer fields and seven youth baseball/softball fields will benefit students.   WDT



03 07       Development of Quarry Park will be in the forefront of discussions in coming weeks, as city officials work with Quirk Foundation in determining plans to spend more than $1 million on a youth baseball facility and other projects.  Under the joint development project, the Quirk Foundation and the city would each give a half million dollars for development.  “The reality of what we're putting together here is going to allow a million dollar development project in the park funded by grants and development fees at no cost to taxpayers of the city,” Mayor Fred Smith said this morning.   WDT


04 18       A plan for rapid development of Quarry Park, using a $500,000 grant from the Earl W. and Eugenia Quirk Foundation and a matching amount from the city will be considered by the Watertown Common Council.  The council will meet as a committee of the whole to hear detailed plans for the park development.  The resolution before the council, which is sponsored by Watertown Mayor Fred Smith, commits $500,000 from the city for the project.  This amount would be borrowed with payments primarily made with parkland development fees the city receives from new housing units.   WDT




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